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Video Links and Senior Information

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Hello AEC students.  I will be contacting you all over the next few weeks (month of April) to check in and to update you all on graduation, grades, and moving on to the next grade level. I'll begin with seniors and will work down to the other grade levels.  Please know we are working everything out to be in your best interest. With that said, please continue working on your Learning Opportunities that are shown below.  This will ensure you stay in the learning mindset and will be fully prepared for next year. 

Also, they have installed wifi that will reach to the back parking lot of ACHS! If you need FREE internet you can park in the back of the school and log into the ACHS-Guest network. The password is: welcome029 

Please remind your student(s) who have Chromebooks that they are still monitored by the school's safety filter. Any inappropriate language, content, or website browsing is automatically reported to our administrators.

Please take care of yourselves and look for the positives. 

Mrs. Stanbery - School Counselor

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