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Ms Stenman

434-528-6485 ext 110
Classes Taught: 
8th Grade Math, Algebra 1, AFDA (a), AFDA (g), Geometry

8th Grade -  Math 8 - The students have a regular class period as well as a math enrichment period.  They will be working with I ready,  IXL as well as Google Classroom.  I will be posting videos and links to online assignments in Google Classroom. They will take the SOL in May.

9th Grade - Algebra 1 - Algebra Enrichment The students are in a double class period block and will work on completing Algebra 1 in one year.  The students will be working with IXL and I Ready as well as Google Classroom.  They will have links to IXL assignments as well as instrucitonal videos and games.  They will take the SOL in May.

10th Grade -  Algebra Functions and Data Analysis "AFDA".  The students will have  attempts to pass the Algebra 1 SOL in September, January and May.  They will continue to remediate the Algebra 1 Curriculum in class as well as during small group remediation.

11th Grade - Geometry.  The students in 11th grade may also be scheduled for Algebra Remediation as well as the Geometry class.  They will take the Geometry SOL in May.

12th Grade -  AFDA(G)  Students that have not yet passed a Math SOL will have opportunities to retest throughout the school  year.  Students will work in class as well as in  small group remediation sessions to prepare to retake both the Algebra and Geometry SOL.  

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