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Ms Crews, GED Teacher and Facilitator

434-528-6485 ext. 31803
Classes Taught: 
Career Readiness, Economics and Personal Finance, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, Social Studies



Welcome to my classroom!  I am prepared to prepare you for obtaining your GED.  In fact, each year, my objective states that 100% of the students in my classes will make measurable progress towards receiving his/her GED. With that being said, I believe in you! You will get there, however, you must first want to be in the program and secondly, you must commit to work persistently while putting forth your very best efforts. 

The process is as follow:

  1. You will be assessed to determine your potential and instructional needs.
  2. Your instruction will be tailored to your individual needs.
  3. Your commitment and effort will determine when you are ready to take the GED Ready, which is the Official GED Practice Test.
  4. The results of the GED Ready will determine the likelihood of your passing the official GED test at that particular time.
  5. Depending upon the results of your GED Ready test, you will be approved for scheduling your Official GED test date!
  6. You will get your GED!

Having your GED in hand, assures that you are college and career ready.  Let’s get started!

GED Test Tutorial

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